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Clipping Path
Basic Clipping Path
A basic clipping path would be ideal for products like smartphones, bottles, books, cans, balls, and so other simple solid objects.
Simple Clipping Path
Simple clipping path used to remove backgrounds from products like simple jewelry, vehicles, single furniture items, or other standalone objects.
Medium Clipping Path
Medium clipping path service usually used to remove background from human body or similar shapes.
Complex Clipping Path
Anything with fur or hair would require a complex clipping path, as would images with models, any product with netting, and groupings of multiple, complex products.
Multi Clipping Path
Multiple clipping paths are ideal if you have a complicated product or grouping of products that need color changes or color correction in certain areas.
Super Complex Clipping Path
Furniture with multiple cut-outs, very complex jewelry, pet crates, or a grouping of furry objects is all examples of product images that may require a super complex clipping path.
Simple Mannequin (Nick Join) Start from
$ 0.90
Eye Symmetric Mannequin (Nick Join) Start from
$ 1.20
Symmetric Mannequin (Nick Join) Start from
$ 01.50

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