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Clipping Path

Online buyers want to see the product as it is set in clean backgrounds before purchasing. Editing them takes much time, especially when you’re running an eCommerce, fashion, magazine, or ad-agency business requiring tons of images regularly. This is where Pixel Clipping can help you with its best-quality Hand-Drawn Clipping Path Services. You just tell us and concentrate on growing your business, we will do the tasks for you. Let’s have a try then?

Before Background Remove After Background Remove

Background Removal

If you only need to remove the backgrounds of your images and make them transparent, white, or black, then all you need is our highly efficient Background Removal Service!

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Image Masking

Both the Image Masking and Clipping Path remove the background of the image and make it transparent. Clipping Path is applied for hard edges, where Image Masking is used for soft and/or furry edges. More specifically, the Image Masking is applied when the image contains hair, fur or likely stuff. Pixel Clipping has an excellent track record of applying the Image Masking where Clipping Path cannot give an accurate result. Being our valuable client, you will get the best service to offer accurate images as you want.

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Ghost Mannequin

An e-commerce, fashion, or garment business must need Mannequins. But they are expensive. It’s the point where you need the Ghost Mannequin assistance. What is it? It’s a high-end graphical image work that gives a 3D/360° look and a feel like a real mannequin or model, although there is no use of real mannequin. You can tell that you’re using an invisible mannequin which has a similar impact like a real one. Pixel Clipping proudly guarantees the best Ghost Mannequin production services. Want to give a try?

Natural Shadow

Shadow Creation

The main purpose of creating a shadow in an image is to make it more attractive. While working on it, we used to create a shadow in between the subject of a photo and its background to create an illusion that the photoshopped image is over a space. It becomes more eye-catching and specific this way, which attracts online shoppers more. You just approve us, we will perform like a ginny!

Before Retouch After Retouch

Photo Retouching

With our high-end Photo Retouching Service following the latest technology, we can support you to make your product images more attractive to the potential buyers or service holders. The service is simply known as “Photoshopping”, which will tone all of your photo extra-ordinarily. It includes the photo restoration too. Whatever you want to do with your images from adding warmth to making much glow, or restoring skin details to adding props, we are always ready to do for you.

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Color Correction

Did you ever face the photography exposure problem? Even if you haven’t faced it, you need to be aware of the exposure and color disorder when you have an online e-commerce or an offline apparel business. In fact, ensuring the perfect color for every image is a must for every product at every business. So, Color Correction is an undeniable task. Pixel Clipping is here for you with its extraordinary Quality Exposure and Color Correction Services.

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Jewelry Image Editing

Compared to other commercial image editing services, Jewelry Image Editing requires more concentration and expertize. The professional jewelry photographers used to put their best effort to take jewelry images to ensure the glittering effect of diamond, gold, platinum or other jewelry metals. But, there may be some sort of shortcomings and you may still need to fix the images. Pixel Clipping is here for you to do the best Jewelry Image Editing Service.

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E-Commerce Photo Editing

E-Commerce is growing very fast all over the world. Every online business platform has different rules and regulations for product image display. We have a thorough idea about these rules and guidelines. Pixel Clipping offers the best eCommerce Photo Editing Service for any amount of photos at the most affordable price. You can keep your trust in us.

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Real Estate Photo Editing

Pixel Clipping is a highly professional Real Estate Photo Editing Service provider. Any imperfection while photo shooting like color, contrast, brightness, exposure are brilliantly adjusted by our professional team of experts.

Pixel Clipping

We provide high quality hand drawn clipping path, shadow effect, image masking, retouching, multi path, image manipulation, color correction, image resize, image optimization, image liquify, product image design, WordPress, Premium WordPress theme customization and other Photoshop & Web services.

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