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Create 3D looks with the photoshop ghost mannequin photo editing service. It includes the neck joint, sleeve joint, and bottom joint.


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Improve the appeal of your e-commerce products to create a compelling brand narrative. Ecommerce product photo editing services make products look attractive, authentic, and of high quality. So why not use professionally edited product images to make your visitors remember your brand story even after they leave your site?

Product Photo Editing Services for Ecommerce Industry

Image editing services are inevitable for the ecommerce industry. Not paying heed to ecommerce product image editing may cost you losing potential clients. Quality images are interactive and work forefront in the online battle. Hence, images need to be qualified enough! Here’s why.

Well-edited web images impact traffic

Good images have a long-lasting impression

Quality images show professionalism

Such photos engage more audience

These speak for your brands and increase clicks

Ecommerce Product Photo Editing Services We Provide

Impress your clients with professionally edited photos!
Get SECURE & BUDGET-friendly ecommerce product photo editing solution on time!

Product Photo Background Removal

Professional product background removal service is another vital type of work. Under the photo background removal service, you get images that experts edit, have the perfect sizes, and are suitable across different platforms.

Under this image background removal service, here’s what you get-

Making white background for Amazon

Transferring objects on solid color background

Creating transparent background

Merging backgrounds on request

Enhance photos to bring a professional look


Ghost Mannequin Effect

Also known as invisible mannequin service- is our top apparel product photo editing service. Here, the mannequin gets deleted and leaves the clothes on display with a realistic appearance of a human body is wearing it.

Take a look at what our ghost mannequin service for clothing offers you-

Creating 3d mannequin effect

Neck joint, Bottom joint, Sleeve joint

Precisely smoothening existing creases

Color combination adjustments

Eliminating dirt, spots or unwanted flaws to make it look new


Product Photo Shadow Effects

Looking for an ecommerce product photo editing company for shadow creation? You are at the right place; we are not only offering ecommerce product image editing and retouching services but also photoshop shadow effect that matches just right with the product.

Here’s what we offer under this photo shadow effect service-

Creating natural, reflective, or drop shadows

Proportionate to the products

Color adjustment and retouch

Eliminates distractions and flaws

Adjusting background as per necessity


Product Photo Color correction & Editing

Color variants are important when you heavily deal with photos like professional photographers or ecommerce entrepreneurs. Our image editing services include photo color correction services online for Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Etsy in the ecommerce industry. Thus you get to work with flexibility.

To deliver astounding output, we work on-

Tonal and white balance correction

Saturation and temperature adjustment

Brightness and contrast adjustments

Image resize, noise reduction.

Photo Color Changing, Color Matching etc.


Ecommerce Product Photo Retouching

Finding a reliable ecommerce product photo retouching services company is difficult. Check us yourself! Feel free to outsource commercial product photo retouching services from our expert retouchers within your budget.

Our most offered ecommerce product image editing and retouching services are-

Products like shoes, clothing, jewelry photo retouching

proportionate to the products

Color adjustment and retouch

Eliminates distractions and flaws

Adjusting background as per necessity


360 Degree Product Photo Editing

We are drawn to 360 product photos. It has another level of charm to increase views. From our ecommerce product photo editing services, you get the widely demanded 360 image editing that makes rotating, creative, interactive and engages more clients.

What our product 3D Spin service offers you-

The necessary level of editing that matches the product

Any commercial product animation, gif editing

Color adjustment and retouch

Applicable for ecommerce sites, social platforms

Can be used in marketing, affiliate, and ecommerce


Amazon Product Infographic Design

Get the best quality amazon product infographic design from our ecommerce photo editing services. Under our amazon product infographics, we add every little detail and ensure a compelling product infographic design. So that the end results help you generate sales!

What you get from our amazon image infographics-

Customized infographic design

Concepts built on products features

Statistic, Informative, List, Animation infographics

Inclusion of charts, diagrams, maps as per necessity


Our Ecommerce Photo Editing Service Rates


$0.29/Per photo

Clipping Path Studio offers a wide range of eCommerce image editing services ranging from background removal, ghost mannequin effects, shadow effects, and 360-degree product images at a very affordable price!

The price varies depending on the category of the editing service, the complexity level of your product images, and the turnaround time, but the lowest price that you can anticipate is $0.29 per image.

Want to get an estimated quote? Check out our pricing chart.

Why Need to Outsource Ecommerce Image Editing Services

Are you a seller in ecommerce industry, a professional photographer, or a marketer? Get access to international audiences with your high-end edited images by outsourcing ecommerce product image editing services for your website.
1. Cost-effective solution
Believe it or not, ecommerce photo editing pricing is relatively inexpensive compared to hiring a full-time editor. Also, when you outsource- you have the upper hand in instructing the project and managing the time, meaning- you can receive services in the shortest possible time
2. Access to industry experts
Outsourcing photo editing services for ecommerce allows you to have customized solutions as per your need. You get the pro-level services from enterprise-level photo editing experts who have ample expertise up their sleeves to fulfill your requirement! And they are fast and good at it.
3. Boost up your efficiency
When you pair up with a company for ecommerce image editing service, it helps you upgrade your potential and efficiency. You are assured that your project is in good hands while you pay attention to your business. And to a businessman, nothing benefits him more than a skilled partnership!
4. Stay competitive in the market
Receiving quality services is a sure-fire way to get quality images that online shopper loves to see. From professional ecommerce product image editing services, you get industry-standard high-end edited images that speak of your brand, convey your message, and appeal to the audience.

Why CPS for Ecommerce Product Photo Editing Services

With a team of photoshop experts, we, Clipping Path Studio (CPS), are providing a wide range of quality image editing services for the ecommerce industry. You get fast delivery, bulk order discount, and an affordable pricing structure for your project.

Get personalized services

We support your growth

Your project stays safe with us

Quit worrying about expertise


What is eCommerce photo editing?
When photo editing is done by professional photo editors for ecommerce product photos is called ecommerce photo editing.
How can I outsource ecommerce product photo editing?
You can outsource ecommerce product editing services from Clipping Path Studio. You will get every type of image editing solution for ecommerce businesses.
Which Software do you use to edit product photos?
There is a wide range of photo editing software available in the market, but we prefer to use professional grade photo editing software- Adobe Photoshop, which is mostly used by veteran photo editors.
How much do product photo editing services cost?
Our affordable ecommerce photo editing pricing starts at $0.29/image. However, depending on complexity, project volume, and time, the cost will vary.
How important are product photography and image editing in eCommerce?
A professionally edited quality image doesn’t keep viewers in the dark. Hence, to convince and engage potential buyers, product image editing is crucial for ecommerce.
What kind of file types do you accept?
JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, Bitmap, EPS, RAW (.cr2, .nef, .orf, .raw, .sr2 .nef)- we support all file format.

Invisible Ghost Mannequin Services for


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